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“Before we disappear….” This is Chris Cornell

I feel saddened by the loss of yet another incredibly talented human being. Living and dying are part of the process sure. But when its unexpected, sudden…….well we don’t know what happened, but does it matter? What I do know … Continue reading “Before we disappear….” This is Chris Cornell

Mine by Stacey Kennedy

WOW…ok now that that is out of the way I have to gush all over this one. Stacey Kennedy has a unique way of drawing in a reader so that he or she feels a part of the scene. This was true for me in Club Sin series. I felt like a member and am quite depressed that I won’t have the “club” to go to anymore. I highly recommend this series to anyone that enjoys this genre and let Stacey invite you into the fun. Her characters are palpable and the reader experiences the intenseness the characters are faced … Continue reading Mine by Stacey Kennedy

The Mind is a beautiful thing to waste….

The mind is amazing. I mean think about it….um well no pun intended. What you can over come by tapping into it. Let me give you an example; I had some issues with my hearing and the doctor wanted to do an MRI to rule out anything scary. That in and if itself is incredibly scary! So I had my MRI this morning. Now I’m not normally an overly claustrophobic person. I was ok when they put the “cage” over my head and I was even okay heading into the tub. I mean how algae in do I need to … Continue reading The Mind is a beautiful thing to waste….

Mad At Myself

Originally posted on Jeremy Affeldt:
Wounds can be healed in a trusting relationship. Last time, I wrote about building trust by recognizing and respecting the different sensibilities of our children. I am building a relationship of trust with my sons by understanding them as individuals. They each have their own way of thinking and feeling, and I am committed to paying attention and protecting them. When you are able to do that, then you will know how to speak to them. I have found that being soft-spoken, gentle, and firm works best for all my children. (This is actually a… Continue reading Mad At Myself

Dad, I Messed Up

Originally posted on Jeremy Affeldt:
“Hey dad, I messed up.” “What did you do?” “Well, I was speeding. I got a ticket.” “Okay. Right. So what are we going to do about that? Let’s talk about it.” When this happens, this is how I want it to go. I’m not going to snap at my sons. I’m not going to say, “How could you possibly do that?” I want to create a safe environment for dialogue with my kids. I want my kids to be able to talk to me without fear. There has to be discipline, but not in… Continue reading Dad, I Messed Up

Hiding in Shame

Originally posted on Jeremy Affeldt:
The consequences of hiding in shame are deep and damaging. When you hide in shame, you don’t reveal who you truly are. You don’t let your husband in. You don’t let your wife in. You don’t let your children in and you don’t let your friends in. This is very serious. If you don’t let them in, then they can’t protect you. You will fall. Eventually you’ll get to the point where you won’t even let Jesus in. That’s when you get entrenched in addiction, whether it be alcohol, gossip, porn, lying, negative thoughts, anger,… Continue reading Hiding in Shame

All Messed Up, and It’s Okay

Originally posted on Jeremy Affeldt:
“I know you’re a mess.” That’s what God says. He knows. He knows that every single one of us is a mess. We’ve messed up before, we’re messing up now, and pretty soon, we’re going to mess up again. God’s promise is that there will be no condemnation. There will be no shame. (Romans 8:1) There are plenty of people who hear that and are incredulous. “Wait a minute!” they say. “No condemnation? No shame? How is that possible? You have to be punished for breaking a rule.” And God says, “How did that work… Continue reading All Messed Up, and It’s Okay